Netflix stretching old movies/shows to fill screen

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Re: Netflix stretching old movies/shows to fill screen

JohnNewman wrote:

Hi all

Totally non-photography related but I have a Netflix account and sometimes watch old movies/TV shows that I know are presented in 4:3 aspect ration. If I log onto Netflix on my 17" Mac Pro or iPad, no problem but if I try to watch on my LG widescreen LCD TV the picture is stretched to fill the screen.

It doesn't matter whether I set the TV aspect ration to "original" or "4:3", as soon as Netflix kicks in it seems to take over and switch the TV to "normal" 16:9. On the TV there's no way to alter settings within Netflix and, as I say, it doesn't matter what I set the actual TV to beforehand, Netflix over-rides my settings.

Any thoughts from anyone here as to whether there's anything I can do or do I just resign myself to only watching old stuff on the Mac (which isn't a major problem but it would be nice to see Jim Kirk and Buffy Summers looking their normal selves and not the fat versions )



There is obviously a bug in Netflix software on your TV. You may try to call Netflix and LG to report it, but I would not expect a quick fix. Or you may buy a roku, chromecast or other player with netflix support (maybe you need a Bluray player anyway? Just don't buy LG again, it will probably have the same problem). The best Netflix player is on Playstation 3, but unlike Chromecast, it is not $35.

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