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It was S100 I believe but it was fixed later on and dpreview retested it. I do have S100 and there's some corner softness almost to full focal length (sharp otherwise) but no surprise really with very wide 24mm and compact zoom lens. Similar experience I had while ago with one of Sony 4/3 kit lenses where best resolution was visibly higher at F8 compared to F4 (arguably losing some of the superior ISO perf) so this problem is not unique to P&S camera's.

That said remember we all like to check at pixel level when new camera comes along but in real world very few really need to zoom 1:1 or crop 1:1 (with corners included) or need a huge print. Most will just look at images downsized on a 2-3MP screen or so. If you can see softness even zoomed out then that's definitely issue though.

Some studio tests can be misleading because perceived sharpness depends a lot on subject matter (the ISO resolution charts help though for good relative and maybe worse case comparison). Then there's also huge combinations of focal length and apertures and you just see 1 combination in the test. So always good to check lots of user samples but I guess nothing is certain how it will work out for you until you try it yourself.

If you look at imaging resource measures resolution you notice that there's not huge difference in resolution or dynamic range between advanced Canon P&S and G1X (assuming Mark II is similar). The biggest strength of G1X is really at high ISO. It's several stops better than an S series (not sure yet about Mark II). If you need lots of resolution I'd go for larger sensor (if you can afford it A7 has excellent resolution but obviously not as portable).

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