Panasonic Nocticron v. Olympus 75mm

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Re: >60% of my wedding shots are done with the 75mm

I second the other members high regard for your wedding work. It's fantastic. I too use the 75mm in my wedding photography, but on two EM1's. I even use it for Getting Ready in salons for some tight candid moments and blur out all the clutter. My assistant has been given the 45mm 1.8 to use so I'm considering the Panasonic 42.5 for myself.

By the way, I bookmarked your link so when someone in my local area spouts off about m4/3 not being a good choice for wedding work I can send it their way. Most of my portfolio is an Oly e5, but I've recently switched to the EM1's as my tools of choice. Looking forward to 2014 as my first full season with them.


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