Pulled the trigger on the Pentax HD DA 20-40mm f/2.8-4 ED Limited DC WR

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Re: Pulled the trigger on the Pentax HD DA 20-40mm f/2.8-4 ED Limited DC WR

Gosman wrote:

Reviews have been very poor on this lens.

Actually not true - most competent reviews give it good to very good marks but some fault it for price compared to a very, very different non WR offering we have yet to see in Pentax mount.  But, if the results are equivalent to just two of the limiteds - 21 and 40 - that together cost more than the 20-40 (and many users believe that to be the case), the price is not unreasonable.

If you buy it, you like it since justification has to be made.

Actually, we've now seen one returned apparently due to decentering or something at the wider end.  The remainder of early adopters, including photographers who have substantial experience, own and use other good glass, and sell professionally, believe their purchase makes sense.  YMMV, and if this doesn't meet your metrics, by all means don't get one.

But the professional lens guys say it is soft in the corners.

Tests show nearly all lenses are softer in the corners wide open.  Compare the DA 20-40 Ltd. to the DA 21 Ltd. and DA 40 Ltd. - effectively the same.  Like these other lenses, this lens is very strong across the frame in the ranges up through f16, highly desirable for landscapes.  That said, look above in this thread for my Brick Building shot wide open at 40mm let us know if you see any decrease in sharpness anywhere.

Its not for everyone, but neither are the DA 15, the FA 43, and other stellar Pentax lenses that also are not technically sharp edge to edge wide open.

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