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Lucien wrote:

Here's btw imaging resource corner test with S110 (I do have an S100 as well):

Not that great either but again no idea how to quantify it yet until we see better test:

S110 F2 upper left corner

I do most of my shooting at large subject distance (landscape, architecture, cityscapes etc.) and have found this type of studio tests VERY unreliable to judge lens performance at long distance. I have used many different digital cameras professionally and the difference between such tests and real life results are sometimes staggering. The corners of my S110 looked pretty good, better than I was expecting based on internet tests like the example above. Compared to my 450D with 15-85IS zoom (both have 12 MPixel sensor) the corners of the S110 were less sharp in the WA range, but the difference wasn't 'huge'.

One of the problems with testing is decentered lenses. The Canon S series had plenty of problems with that and maybe I was lucky to have a well-centered copy. The image corners of my camera had similar sharpness, while some review sites obviously had strongly decentered lenses; I remember both DPR and IR had such problems but not sure if that was the S100 or S110).

Btw, this type of 5x standard zooms often seem to suffer from decentering, the 15-85IS has its share of this as well while e.g. with the very cheap 18-55IS I have never seen this issue. And this problem seems to get worse when the lens is made more compact (probably due to mechanical tolerances).

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