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Tonkotsu Ramen wrote:

That's my question as well,

If you're using F2, you either want more bokeh or are shooting in very low light. For this lens, the bokeh (from marco's explanations) isn't great at F2 anyways, and the bokeh at F4 looks good.

sometimes I want limited DOF, but quite often I use a large aperture because it enables me to use decent ISO handheld. Many of my shots are with subjects near infinity, where a limited DOF (e.g. from 10 meters to infinity) is all I need.

Increasing ISO beyond a certain limit will negatively impact DR and noise. With my 450D camera, when taking landscape type shots around golden hour being able to work at f/2.8-f/4 instead of f/8 is very valuable. My experience is that 'better High ISO performance' is not magic, but really quite limited when you work from the RAW file; so I prefer not to depend on High ISO performance, but have a usable large aperture instead.

If you need sharpness, then go to F4

as mentioned, if it is really sharp at f/4 it is probably acceptable to me; but in that case I'm still wondering why I'm paying (in price/size/weight) for such a bright lens...

The camera will most likely not pick anything before F4 in good lighting conditions

I just returned a S120 because how darn soft it was at F1.8 @ 24mm, and how bad the wifi function worked.

I tried an S110 for a week and did a lot of testing, also comparing it to my 450D with 15-85IS lens. Based on internet reviews I was expecting dubious corner sharpness in the WA range, but this proved very acceptable especially when using RAW. The slightly 'soft' rendering full open but was no problem for me, it was acceptable IMHO and completely gone by f/2.8. Only at 120mm equiv. the rendering looked very soft at any aperture (note: it only looked soft due to low micro-contrast, there actually was a surprising amount of small detail).

My main problem with the S110 was that due to all the in-camera processing (for vignetting, distortion etc.) there are obvious artefacts and detail loss in the corners, especially in the jpeg. Even at low ISO the borders can turn into 'pea soup' compared to my 450D (while the center of the image looks really good). Working from RAW and finetuning all processing the results were just acceptable, but with such a second camera I would want to use jpeg output most of the time and not spend too much time on PP. Apart from that the fixed LCD (no EVF or tilt screen) proved a serious limitation for me.

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