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Same issue my Sony RX100M2 had.. except it was at 28mm F1.8 and only became useable at F2.8

When you make a lens that covers such a wide range, there will be compromises.

Not unusual really.

yes, it seems like this is what you get when making a bright lens for larger sensor too compact. I'm really starting to doubt the value of that bright lens, which IMHO is the main selling point of the G1X II. I think I would prefer a slower lens (e.g. f/3.5-5.6) with the same focal length range that is sharp wide open (and smaller / lighter and possibly cheaper).

I hope the Nikon P8000 gives better results near wide open; the smaller sensor and experience with some previous Coolpix and Nikon 1 lenses should help.

Same was said about S100 few years ago when going from 28 to 24mm and apparently also with Sony (and tons of other camera's). This is typical especially with f2.0 and wide 24mm (unless you are buying a $1000+ lens). Checkout some of the top lens reviews on dpreview just for reference.

I don't think this is related to lens price, it is first of all related to lens construction (too compact). The S100/110 (and some other bright/WA 1/1.7" compacts) has this problem to a minor degree. A bit soft wide open, but very good one stop down; and less sharp corners at WA due to 'stretching'.

In RX100 the problem is already more obvious, visible sharpness loss in borders/corners at WA unless stopped down several stops.

You might be right that S100/S110 is better at f2 but I can't quantify it yet until we see direct comparison (and reviewer said wasn't fully sure about results). Imaging-resource has dedicated tests for these so will be interesting to check it out there.

Note however don't expect it in daylight conditions to choose f2. It would only choose that with low light conditions and in that case you'll lose some detail anyway (certainly if alternative is higher ISO). Also remember you can add more sharpening but not all pictures will look like a resolution chart...

Some people want to use f/2 in medium to good light levels, where the sharpness loss will be painfully obvious (judging from the first results). For landscape / architecture style images I try to keep ISO as low as possible for better sharpness and DR, and for this type of images sharpness loss in the corners is often undesirable (soft corners will be far more obvious that e.g. in people or low light shots). I can accept softness full open if it is really sharp by f/4 in the WA range, but even that is questionable.

Why do you want to shoot f2 if low-light isn't a concern? Shallow DOF?

Until we see dpreview studio comparison still bit hard to do a good comparison between previous model and other cameras. Don't expect huge difference at lowest ISO compared to camera's with smaller sensors. Biggest difference would be in low light in theory given much larger sensor.

As mentioned before, I'm not interested in high ISO performance; btw, any improvement will be the result of in-camera processing which you can also realise with better processing from RAW.

I would not judge lens quality from the DPR studio shot - very unrepresentative conditions for my type of photography (relatively close distance, low contrast, uniform WB, no flare / specular highlight isssues etc.) and VERY sensitive to alignment and other issues.

We all have different needs obviously but some people want less noisy high ISO performance for handheld low-light photography (RAW is not doing any miracles). If you don't care about high ISO you might as well consider G16 or other camera's in this class since dynamic range and resolution is very similar at a much lower price.

If 'sharpness' is important you could try to apply more unsharp mark but in terms of resolution the G1X v1 wasn't really very high. For that you're better off with something like A7/A7R/RX10.

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