Help me make a decision please K3

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Re: Help me make a decision please K3

I'd also go for deal 4.

It's not clear if there's a lens in deal 1 , the camera doesn't need a grip (imho) and you can add one if you find the balance or the way you place your hands makes it better with one. 3rd party batteries are fine and much cheaper so no reason to go with that

I would avoid the two zoom combo (deal 5) because you'll find you're constantly switching zooms. Only give this consideration if you need the 135-200 part of the range and don't want to go the body + uber-zoom route (see below)

Deal 3 (one zoom) is OK, but the £120 uplift from the 18/55 to the 18/135 is worth paying hence deal 4.

You also get the 35mm lens and have enough of your budget left to do something useful.

The one possibility I'd look at is the Body only deal and adding an 18-250 or 18-270 because then you really have a walk about lens that can do everything. But that would blow the whole budget, If you go for "Deal 4" the £300 left over gives quite a few lens options.

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