Help on lenses for travel with the OMD-EM10.

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Re: Help on lenses for travel with the OMD-EM10.

I think this is a good summary. For a single lens it would be hard to beat the 12-40 or 12-35. Relatively fast, they cover a very useful range of focal lengths, and offer good IQ. I'm reading good things about the new Panny 12-32 and that would give you a much smaller, lighter, alternative. I've at least been reading better things about it than the new Oly 14-42 pancake, but I have no experience with either. If you go for one of the pancake zooms I'd really think abourt taking one of the fast normalish primes for lower light work. I enjoy going out and shooting with primes but I think it's hard to beat a zoom when taking casual travel pictures. Taking 3 primes doesn't really help you with weight and size, changing lenses when touring can be a pain (and if you're with people they may not want to wait for you when you change lenses), and you can't always zoom with your feet.

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