Changing systems and my (humble) thoughts on it...

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Changing systems and my (humble) thoughts on it...

First of all, I'm a Nikon 1 aficionado, and I love everything about the system (size, weight, performance, photo rendition etcetera). Now, as many would know, the N1 has gone through a lot of shake-up recently, and many of its current users are planning to switch systems, reasons being anything from the increasing dissent for Nikon's lineup/direction to dissatisfaction with the V3 (price, DXOmark, what have you...). In fact, there are so many threads in the N1 forum right now of wanting to switch systems, illogical comparisons, abuse and contempt towards the cameras (and possibly people like me who "misguidedly" choose to stick to the system) that it is kinda worrying. *At this point onwards some opinions may come off as rude so you're welcome to quit reading the thread if you wish*

I say it's worrying, not because I've an attachment to the forum in any way other than to share my own photos and enjoy those of others. It's worrying because of the volatility and state of camera users today, some may I add, are actually producing really respectable photos. The type of reasoning at times has been really perplexing to me, and I find a need to address them.

1) Perhaps the most common is saying that the V1/V2/N1 cameras no longer does it for them, due to image quality limitations that MFT/Sony APS-C/FF don't have. Ask yourself this... deep down, is that true? Sure, you might get that marginal edge in MFT cameras (frankly I don't see it, sorry) or in the case of APS-C/FF, noticeable high iso improvement. But how often is that the reason your photos turn out unsatisfactory? Are you that arrogant to not concede that, you, the user, is at fault at large, and it's not the V1 being the limiting factor if your photos turn out awry? I highly doubt that you've outgrown or transcended the entire N1 offering and with a new camera system you're finally able to make images that shine. Such delusional behaviour will cost a lot in the long run if you keep blaming your shortcomings on the gear you currently have. Now I'm not saying there aren't cases where you could actually benefit from having a new camera. It's just that this makes up such a small fraction of people that it really is a poor reasoning to subscribe to. Personally, I'd NEVER say that; there isn't a point any time soon I can say that I'm being held back by my V2 and my photos would turn out better with a Fuji X-*** (because lets face it, it's the only other mirrorless system that stands on its own merits). Unless you must have that camera that does all your 12800 iso shots without a need to edit or the extra smidgen of DR makes or breaks your landscape shot (ironic, since overpumping contrast or saturation plays a much bigger part here), you really don't need a new system. Judging from some of the photos I've seen, it's safe to say many others should apply this.

2) Illogical comparisons across sensor sizes and complaints about functionality... I'm sorry, but don't people read or investigate any more before sinking into a new system? You know the N1 cameras have CX sensors, so why the hell would you buy them and then complain about how they don't have 15EV DR or 2 stops more of iso performances? Research is key here, and really should be made mandatory for those too eager to sink their cash into new gear.

3) Poor pricing, follow-up plans, refresh cycle or lens offering. These are all valid reasons, but sometimes are manipulated into specious arguments. I'm not saying the V3 isn't overpriced, it is by a bit, but sensor size as a be all and end all marker for pricing is as stupid as it gets. If that were the case, everyone should be getting entry-level DSLRs as the most cost-performance proportionate offering. But there are many who value their cameras for its unique strengths and quirks and it's difficult to argue about pricing without going into detail. The EM-1 and XT-1 seem awfully pricey as they are as well, but owners of them probably could give many reasons for it. And until you've used a camera in its entirety, it's pointless to argue about pricing because you don't know what it's capable of. As for the lenses in N1, I think it's commendable that such a young mirrorless system already has quite a few lenses, and beyond the kit lens most perform superbly as well. Throw in a macro lens and a 35mm equivalent and it's pretty much complete! I mean, come on, when I bought into the N1, there were only the kit lenses- it has barely been a year and a half!

Anyway, this is just my opinion on changing camera systems. If you're loaded or just love this changeable way of life, who am I to say what you should do with your cash? But at the end of the day, if you still can't find satisfaction with your new system, you have only yourself to blame.

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