Sharpest 24mm prime to go on a D610

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The 24 f1.4 is great but the zooms are excellent too.


The 14-24 is amazingly good, but it has definite drawbacks as a travel lens. It really takes up a lot of space in a bag, the lens cap is ... difficult to deal with in the field, flare comes out of nowhere at times, and of course there is the filter thing.

I took it out of my backpack in favor of the 16-35. When I travel, I switch to a waist bag, and the 14-24 just doesn't fit. It's hard to imaging many small bags that would hold it, along with a couple of more useful lenses. A couple of times in Europe I wished for the extra width though.

Some 14-24 flare examples here:

Your comments mirror mine to the "T", Craig. I think we are preaching from the same book, so to speak. Also, like you, I even use a lens exchange case on my waste belt when travelling for quick swaps between my 16-35 and the 24-70.

As you say the 14-24 is amazingly good,  superb mostly in fact, but there are those drawbacks that you mention. A great lens when you can control when and where you shoot and use it under 20mm where it is superb.

However, I do now have the 24 f1.4G and love it. Sharpness wise, you won't see much of an improvement over the 16-35 at 24mm and stopped down to f8, but IQwise, bokeh colour etc, it has a nicer look to it and you have all those extra stops for creativity.

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