I find this amazing... You ? (long, but photos too)

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Fish Chris
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I find this amazing... You ? (long, but photos too)

Alright so I ended up having the best photo trip I think I've ever had, based on all kinds of stuff, including my new camera, the weather... light.... luck of the shutter You can see all my latest stuff in my gallery here if you wish.

However, my trip started with my bro's 10-22, and that thing is just flat out awesome ! The AF was like right now, and spot on ! So, although I had already done a bunch of wide ranging exposure sets of the GG bridge (my intended purpose when borrowing the 10-22) I thought... well what the hey, I might as well play with something different while . Decided to climb to the top of one particular lookout, called Slacker Ridge... Ha ! A slacker would never make it ! LOL Its probably only 500-600ft, but very steep, and loose gravel and rocks ! {with a couple Grand in camera and lens in one hand } Yikes !

So I get all the way to the top, but the light towards the bridge is pretty lame now. Took a couple wildflower shots.....

....then began to hear a roar ! Looked up to see a pair of military fighter jets, flying literally sideways, as they made a tight turn around the mouth of the bay, and the GG Bridge.

And I look down and suddenly think #%$%% ! My 400mm is in my truck, at the bottom of this hill I was so bummed. Then, about 5 minutes later, after I was just starting down, two more.... or the same two, came around again...

But this time (don't ask me why) I picked up my camera, with this lens that was at the other end of the spectrum from what I needed, and pointed it at them. Now, I will admit, my vision sucks without my reading glasses on, close up anyway.....

But I literally could not see anything but blue sky through the viewfinder when I took this shot ! I mean, they were plenty close enough to see... So I looked (right above my camera) again, lined it up by eye, then started half pressing the shutter button repeatedly... did that a few X's while trying to pan correctly, and to my surprise.. Beep beep ! So I pushed the shutter button !

Of course I had to see this one right away, so I dug out my reading glasses, opened up the shot, zoom.. zoom... zoom... hey look ! Fighter planes ! Whoo Hoo LOL

So yea, my camera / wide angle lens combo could see, and then focus on something, that I could not...

But also, look at this detail, and photo quality as well..... while considering that this was just totally like pounding a nail with a screwdriver

Its funny... if you look at the thumbnail for this shot, you will see the same thing I did.. a blue rectangle LOL

100% crop

Oh, and I have done "zero post processing" on these.

Unbelievable focusing mechanism in that 10-22 lens, right ?

Your thoughts ?



edit: meant to say.... 17.97 megapixels of blue sky... .03 mega pixels of plane... no wait... 30,000 pixels Bet I can count them

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