Oystercatcher with HD DA 1.4x Tele'

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Re: Oystercatcher with HD DA 1.4x Tele'

farnorthfocus wrote:

Thanks Miles for the kind words.

Mighty Mike, know what you mean, but too much lightening shows up the high iso grain in the black which shows the "noise". The sky i.e. background is as near as it was, grey grey grey.Getting a balance between the white /black on grey background , something has to suffer. But I don't tend to do a lot in "post" if i can help it. thanks for the thought though. might tweak a little later on.


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You are at ISO800 and ISO400, you've got room to lift those shadows without too much harmful noise... the noise is there regardless so its not like you'll lose any more detail by doing it. Sometimes (like in backlit situations) you need to let the background blow out so the subject isn't a silhouette, the background certainly wasn't the main subject in the photo. So if not in post then simple EV+ works, EV+1 would be better and you might be able to go just a little further on these photos.

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