Digital ME Super?

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Re: Digital ME Super?

Simon Devlin wrote:

What about this for an idea? The exact basic functions of the ME Super on digital full frame?

No video, no WB setting, no LCD, de nada, exactly the same but digital and FF for £1000/$1500

Pass.  Now that I've learned the benefits of power steering, brakes,  air conditioning, AWD, etc. on a modern car, I have no interest in actually using a clunky Model T as a daily driver.  I'd be interested in a modern digital FF that actually took advantage of the huge benefits gained in the last dozen years of digital evolution.  And, if you don't wish to use some of those features (WB, preview, LCD, etc., etc.), your call entirely - you can do that now.  The cost of these software items is miniscule compared to the rest of the engineering, and most folks want them (and rightfully so - they make photography better).

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