sx50 & yongnuo 602c wireless flash triggers

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Re: sx50 & yongnuo 602c wireless flash triggers

Mark B. wrote:

Paul S Wheeler wrote:

I recently acquired 3 of these triggers, with 1 on camera and 2 on remote flashes on manual. The test button on the camera transmitter will fire both flashes, however the cameras flash seems to be disabled when the trigger is on the shoe and will not fire the trigger.

Has anyone had any success with wireless triggers on the sx50?. for info this situation occurs in all camera modes.



If I understand correctly - you have a tranmitter mounted on the camera that will trigger 2 receivers on which you've attached wireless flashes. It also sounds like you are raising the flash on the camera. With any Canon camera, there is a switch activated when something is mounted on the hotshoe which will prevent the built-in from firing. I've not used RF transmitters on my SX50, but what should be happening is there should be a signal going to the transmitter that will make it trigger the receivers. Is this not happening?

Hi Mark,

The camera flash cannot be raised when the transmitter is on the hotshoe, apart from that you are correct in that there is no signal going to the transmitter. Looking in the menus, when the transmitter is in place all flash options are greyed out.


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