D800E UK - do I need the latest production run?

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Re: D800E UK - do I need the latest production run?

Thanks for the replies.

Perhaps I didn't explain myself very well, I know the lenses would need to be adjusted individually, however I have read that it is best not to test the AF of a lens at the minimum focus distance, so whereas it is practical to test the accuracy of a 24-70mm using a test chart displayed on a monitor how does one test the longer lenses? What methods are currently being used to test AF accuracy

I have been using the D800E for nearly two weeks with mixed results, the D700 instantly gave pleasing images which were always well exposed and accurately focused, a very easy camera to use.

Using the D800E has been a different experience right from the start, images seem a bit harsher and maybe a little overexposed, which could be down to the greater DR of the camera or just me getting used to a different metering system.

Some images are amazingly detailed and allow heavy cropping, others fall short of what I achieved with the D700.

This may well be my technique as I understand that the extra resolution of this camera tends to highlight any weaknesses in technique, but if I could ensure that the lens camera combination is setup in the best way possible, at least I could be sure it's just me at the start of the learning curve, so AF fine tuning (or testing) seems to be the first step.


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