Just listed my X-T1 on Amazon...I'm going back to an Olympus E-M1

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Just listed my X-T1 on Amazon...I'm going back to an Olympus E-M1

First off, there is absolutely nothing I can complain about with the Fuji image quality.  I'd say it's even better than my 5D Mark III in terms of dynamic range and colors - possibly even noise!

So why am I selling it and switching back?  I don't enjoy using it.  It's not a fast camera to use.

In comparison to the Canon 5D Mark III, the 5D is easy to select AF points.  Continuous autofocus is amazing.  Focus speed is FAST.  The shutter doesn't even feel like there is a delay!  It's just a large camera.  Sometimes I wants something portable and quick.

I had an E-M1 before and really enjoyed using, I was hoping the X-T1 was everything the E-M1 was with better image quality.  It's not the same, it's completely different.

I'm going back to an E-M1 which has worse image quality and noise performance, worse of an LCD and EVF, however the camera is QUICK to focus, point to shoot is wonderful, and the camera is great for run and gun shooting of kids and action without composing shots.

I've lost some money on this deal, but I got to use/rent the X-T1 for a month.

For me to come back to Fuji they need to work on a few things.

#1 I didn't realize how much I would miss a touch screen for focusing, but I LOVE a touch screen.

#2 Their lenses need a refresh - not for optical quality, but for speed and noise.  Perhaps it's the motors, the mechanism, etc.  The Fuji lenses are slow in comparison to my Canon L lenses and the Olympus lenses. The lenses are also noisy when focusing manually - the video picks up on the noise.

#3 There seems to be a subtle delay when hitting that shutter button. I can't quantify it, but feel it is there.

#4 They really need an on board 3.5mm mic input.

#5 Stabilization - either in body or in the lens, but I noticed it wasn't there in comparison to the Olympus.

#6 Video - I can't change settings when shooting other than exposure compensation.  Video is here to stay...the engineers need to put a little more effort into this.  More codec/frame rates, more control, etc.  I'm not even talking 4k.

Who is the Fuji for in my opinion?  People that are more patient than I am.  People that can take time to compose their shoot and don't own or want to own a full frame DSLR.  JPEG shooters - the JPEGs are out of this world.

In the end, it came down to what I need from a mirror less camera.  I want fast, easy, accurate autofocus.  I feel that I have missed quite a few shots when shooting with the X-T1. Keep working on it Fuji, I'd love to see what the system evolves into. It seems like Fuji really is responsive to their customers though, the way and rapidity that the answered the light leak issue really speaks volumes.

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