Should I buy aftermarket battery grip?

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Re: Should I buy aftermarket battery grip?


I just got Canon body and I will get the DSTE for it for sure...I have one for Nikon d7100 and no complains what's so ever...even recognizes it as genuine Nikon grip . I do a lot of portraits orientation shots and find it great . The one I got was a kit with 2 Nikon batteries . The way I have it set the grip battery as primary and in body as second . Grip stays on camera pretty much 100% . Only swap the battery in grip when it gets low over 3nths , the in body battery didn't show any drop in power there is no drain .Fit and finish is great and pretty much no flex...not anymore than Nikon grip I had tried . Just wishing , that Canon version is as good .

I got it from DSTE ebay looks like nice kit

Hope that helps.

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