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Re: Ok, I withdraw what I said about the Ricoh webstore

Chris Mak wrote:

Well, I can only wonder about the Ricoh Europe web-store then, since my pre-order from 18-2 is neatly ignored, while user-reviews are popping up everywhere, including Europe. This is the "official" Ricoh web-store for Europe we are talking about, but they don't even have their own new 1.4 converter in stock, and have somehow been able to totally ignore a pre order placed more than a month ago.

I feel like I got in with the wrong guys. It's not that I can't put up with waiting, but this is just getting a bit ridiculous....

Sorry for the rant, but the Ricoh european web store s**s


Not unheard of as often the official webstores, still have to order stock etc and compete with other retailers for stock. They get no special benefit for being part of the company.

Ah yes, I simply had a totally wrong picture of the so-called "official Ricoh web store". I thought it would be among the first to have sound stock of the converter. I now at least know better than to ever pre-order on a so called official web store. Just my trusted local camera store will do as it will get me the stuff equally fast or faster.

Talking to Ricoh Denmark found out it will be in stock the 18th March,so should be in stock now.Price here is about €426,so cheaper than US prices

Suddenly, after a week of silence following the failure to deliver as promised, I got a mail last night and Ups express was at the doorstep today. Very fast and free of charge. And yes, Ricoh doés offer the converter relatively cheap here at 399,- euros.
I'll have time to put it to the test with the sigma 500 on monday. Contrary to Ron, that has all the lenses to try it on, I will be confined to just this one lens, but am looking forward to it nonetheless, and also very curious if AF works as Ron described.


Hi Chris  where did you get it €399?  can't find it? since EU they must be able to sell to me here in Denmark  Thanks Shanti

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