Canon 5D...the classic one :-)

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Re: Canon 5D...the classic one :-)

torppapa wrote:

That's why it is a good thing to have both. I've used my 5D and 5D2 for portraiture work - since I was fine with Canon's color rendering (not DR) - and full frame means shallower DoF, and enjoyed shooting with my D7100 for landscapes (demanding DR situtions) or sports (speed).

My D7100 does not gather dust, but I was in a different situation. I had the 5D first and only later the Nikon, so I had not any more the "new-toy-effect" of the 5D.

(Recently sold the 5D2 and got the 6D, which I consider as a little upgrade to the 5D2, not handling-wise, but for its image quality)

I've shot micro 4/3 also for a couple of years but after the "new-toy-effect" was gone, I was unsatisfied with the results (IQ, DR) and I tended to use more my bigger sensor cameras.

Why I kept my Canon if Nikon DR is so much better? It's simple: I've been shooting Canon for the last 20 years now and I think Canon has a very good lens lineup (Nikon too), and I was also used to the Canon color rendering, wich I like very much.

But I understand that running two (or three systems) isn't that comfortable. However using the right tool to the right purpose is also much fun.

dotjon wrote:

daRRski wrote:

I would think it all depends on ones needs, requirements , shooting styles ..etc...I wouldn't also say it's trailing behind...unless we just go by my case after getting the "ancient" 5D ..looks like D7100 will gather dust for awhile

Current Nikon and Sony cameras capture a much wider dynamic range than Canons, while exhibiting as little or less noise, and they offer high-megapixel options for those who like or need resolution. I don't personally wish for megapixels, but dynamic range is a crucial part of image quality and the gap is currently dishearteningly wide, pushing many Canon shooters over to other systems.

I'm not going to "confine" 5D just to portraiture duty

I think is doing pretty good job at everything I tried so least I'm happy with the results

Here is proof...hope not going to get banned for spamming ..or annoy you guys too much .

Here is a little landscape..

Could do a little street duty ..

"Selfy"  lol

..or just super shallow DOF abstracts ...

Thanks for viewing

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