Pricing for unlimited print run, perpetual license.

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Re: Pricing for unlimited print run, perpetual license.

Jeff Seltzer wrote:

gioallie99 wrote:

BAK wrote:

Is this discussion based on a $100 difference between what they want to spend and you want to get?


The negotiation didn't started already, just trying to handle the "unlimited time/print run" and throw it in a formula for a price.

It makes sense that they don't want to do a royalty-based deal. Why would they? So, a perpetual license is reasonable. The easiest thing to do would be to visit the "stock photo price" calculator ( That will give you a starting point. At the end of the day, when I'm presented with these opportunities, I just throw out a number I think is "worth it" to me (vs. what's "fair") . In my world, there's value to just getting exposure, so there are other considerations.

How old is the image. How much would it cost you to recreate it on demand. How much would it cost the client to recreate it on demand.

I agree with Jeff. How much do you want? Is there a xxx$ tool you'd like to buy?  Is anyone else asking?   I am all for maintaining the integrity of the brand but so often folks figure a photo should pay for a car and it's just not the case.  Unless of course it is the one photo taken of an extraordinary occurrence.  The new 911 Targa is  nice and you can shoot through the roof.

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