E-M1, C-AF and Sports photography

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photohounds wrote:

Wilki wrote:

One of the drawbacks with getting an E-M1 before Christmas was the lack of opportunities to really give C-AF a work out until the winter cleared.

Spring has finally sprung in the UK and this weekend I got the chance to shoot some moto-X.

I have been to this event twice in the past with different Oly cameras. The results with the E-30 were ok, the results using C-AF on the E-M5 were awful.

So I was keen to see if the promised improvements with the E-M! materialised.

I was blown away. For many of the photos the riders were appearing the viewfinder at speed from out of view. The focus lock was almost instantaneous and very very few shots were discarded due to focus issues (technique was another matter!)

The settings I found worked best were:

C-AF, Either small focus box or 9x grid, face detection off (MASSIVE difference in focus hits), release lag time set to short (again, BIG difference in hit rate when shooting bursts). I found no difference in any of the settings that lock C-AF whatsoever.

Lenses used were 12-40 2.8, mark 1 75-300 and 75mm 1.8.

A few samples attached. They show the way the light varied through the day, the different shooting angles that still gave decent focus, the fact that m4/3 CAN give background separation and that I even managed to develop an ok panning technique

Pix are great, mate.
Eye focus off? OK, I'd better give that try too.
These are with Eye focus ON ...

The EM-1 performed well, and I saw the shots from the pro's BIG Canon 400/2.8. I walked away suppressing a very wide grin as he leaned on his 850mm LONG lens+hood.Bring on the Zuiko 300/f4.0.

A Canon pro camera with a 400 2.8 gives totally different possibilities to isolate the subject and give a tighter, more professional look. That is the professional approach, don't mind the trouble of carrying that large lens, since it is the results that earns your pay. There are lots of slower, more compact lenses in the Canon system, as I am sure you know.

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