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Re: 26% not meaningful? Re: Not a very meaningful poll.

rhlpetrus wrote:

Jimmy jang Boo wrote:

I wonder how many who picked the third option actually own an N1 camera in the first place? I bet there were more than a few people (gear heads) who voted for that option despite never having handled, much less having own a Nikon 1.

18/69 (forget the 3rd option) is 26%, more than 1/4 of current owners saying they will drop it. For a system that is not already selling much, I'd say it's a disaster for Nikon...

Maybe, however according to dpr stats...

735 people own the Fuji X-100s and 182 people dropped it. That equates to 25%.

299 people own the Nikon V1 and 32 people dropped it. That equates to 10%

Stats can be made to say anything you want. The point is Nikon has not abandoned the N1 system. They have released 7 different bodies and 10 different lenses in the last 2.5 years. One can speculate whatever they want from the sidelines, but financially Nikon is better off than most of their competition so they must be doing something right. As for myself, I am glad they are not abandoning the system so I will buy the 32mm and a V3 and not fret about the future.

In any case I don't care what camera others prefer. I'm intelligent enough to think for myself, without having to march to the beat of someone else's drum.

Yes, that's an option, but eventually you may end up with a bunch of lenses and w/o a body to use with them, if Nikon drops the line, which is not completely unlikely...

You can speculate and fret all you want about the future, but it is better to live in the moment. If Nikon were to drop the line, there will be plenty of cameras available for some time to come. I am not the least bit concerned.

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