Buy or pass on V3? Poll.

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Re: Buy or pass on V3? Poll - Needs More Options

cyuill2007 wrote:

The problem with the poll options is that they were made under the assumption that you will either
a) buy the V3, sticking with the Nikon 1 system; or
b) don't buy the V3, and therefore moving on to another system.

The options given fail to address the fact that some (most?) of us may stick with or buy another Nikon 1 camera and take a pass on buying the V3. One doesn't need to buy a V3 in order to stick with the system. At this moment I would be in that group. I don't have the money right now to buy a V3, but I am staying put with my V1 and the Nikon 1 system. I won't be moving on to m43 or any of the other mirrorless systems that entice others.

Current 1 user that will buy the V3 eventually. Staying with 1 system.

Option 1 in the poll I thought addressed that, but I guess it could have been a separate  option to be a bit more clear.

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