ZS40 versus LF1 Imaging Resources Comparison

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Re: ZS40 versus LF1 Imaging Resources Comparison

cainn24 wrote:

Robbob67 wrote:

I have noticed this happening with a few threads lately. We seem to be getting into My camera is better than Your camera territory!

If there was one thing I could change about this place, it would be that. So many people seem to treat their camera choices as if they are an extension of their innermost selves. Subsequently, a critique of a camera cuts to the bone just like a critique of the self. But it shouldn't, and I wish it didn't. Then we'd be able to have more useful discussions about the strengths and weaknesses of various equipment more often.

I grew up in a family with a lot of opinionated people; which was both challenging and inspiring.  I learned that people express their opinions in different ways - some with an angry or judgmental edge, some without.  Some people are flexible with their opinions, some are not.  And then it gets really complicated, because some people just found out they have cancer or just got fired or just had an argument with their spouse and all that feeling comes across in their opinion.  In other words, it's complicated and generally has nothing to do with you.  Not that is still doesn't bug me when someone dumps on me, but sometimes this perspective helps me brush it off more easily.  


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