Hakuba Japan sent Blower Brush replacement along with gift what do you think?

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Re: Hakuba Japan sent Blower Brush replacement along with gift what do you think?

Doug J wrote:

nihon94 wrote:

Doug J wrote:

nihon94 wrote:

I had posted a question regarding Blower Brush attracting dust.

Here is my question and answers

Hakuba sent me the replacement:-) with a letter and a small gift a cleaning cloth.

Do you think what Hakuba did is good? Does this practice is also common in your country?

Thank you in advance.

Does the replacement work as advertised & needed?


I should say the replacement is better then previous one.

If the replacement product works as advertised, then you're probably satisfied from that perspective.

I believe you're in Japan, based on your profile. The way they handled the issue is nothing less than exemplary. It's rare to find that high-level of customer respect and management of customer relations outside of Japan in my experience.


Hi, thank you for the reply.

Once upon a time when most products were made in Japan they used to fix a sticker on the products PASSED. May be you might have seen. Also in the manufacturing there was a standard "Zero defect". And customer is God.

But as the time passed and factories moved overseas a lot has changed. But still in Japan customer service is better locally than companies who hired customer staff in overseas they are worst.

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