Hakuba Japan sent Blower Brush replacement along with gift what do you think?

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Re: Good to know you had a good experience

Osvaldo Cristo wrote:

nihon94 wrote:


Hakuba sent me the replacement:-) with a letter and a small gift a cleaning cloth.

Do you think what Hakuba did is good? Does this practice is also common in your country?

Some years ago I bought an Hakuba Super Blower. My experience was very negative: I do not have intention to buy anything more from them.

When I used it to clean my DSLR´s sensor it blowed over it a lot of fine dust. It was a headache to wet clean all the mess.

I did not give up: I washed it with plenty of water internally, repeating the cycle few times in the hope it could eliminate all that fine dust I had no idea where came from. I was so confident I had solved the problem that I stupidity use it in the next sensor cleaning a few months afterwards... well, I got the same result, a lot of fine specs was blowed to the surface of my camera´s sensor. It demanded another full wet cleaning process.

It is not necessary to state the Hakuba Super Blower went to my waste basket at the same day.

I was very deceived and surprised as I had read a lot of positive reviews of it. I bought it from B&H in NYC, so I do not believe it was a fake model. I think it had some problem from the manufacturing process, I do not know what. Anyway I want a secure distance from any Hakuba products, at last while I can remember that history.

All the best,

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Hi, I appreciate your reply and and thanks for sharing your experience.

First I thought it is the only me who faced such problem but it seems other people do suffer.

Thank you.

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