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Re: Couple of questions - Sony a6000

Slynky wrote:

So, I have a couple of NEX 5N bodies I really like and I'm considering the subject camera but...

(1) Will the camera out-resolve the current lenses I have (and hope to use)? I have the old 18-200, the 16 pancake, and the 50 1.8. I remember reading something (some time back) about how some lenses wouldn't work with phase detect focusing.

The sensor needs to outresolve the lens to see the best a lens can do. A 50% jump (16 to 24MP) should be enough to show a visible improvement in print quality with your current lenses. If you only make web-size images you may not see much difference. If you're a pixel peeper you may see more of your lens's flaws at 100% screen size, but a normal size print will likely still look better than the old sensor.

And it's not just resolution. More pixels means more color and tonal information to work with.

Here's one thought on the matter. Check out Myth 4 and the related links.

Roger Cicala at Lens Rentals has posted some tests indicating a good lens with a great sensor can beat a great lens with a good sensor -- at least some of the time. And a great sensor can make a good lens look better.

Bottom line is that it's fairly easy to demonstrate that lenses benefit from higher resolution sensors, but no one yet knows just how much higher. I've seen estimates ranging from just over 2x to as high as 8x. We probably won't know until we get there.

Someone has already posted a link to the lenses that can use PDAF.

(2) I like the touch screen and not having it worries me. Among other things, I like being able to touch a spot where I know I want to focus and BINGO, I'm set. How does one pick an item to focus on without touch screen. I also make use of DMF and (yellow) peaking for some critical focusing.

Same here. After using touch screen it's no fun going back to pushing buttons to control the focus spot. It can really slow things down. Sony needs to get with the program on this one.

(3) Are there any preliminary images out there yet--I'm sure DPR has their hands full and hasn't had time to put any out yet.

Already answered.


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