decided on the pentax body .now what lens??

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Re: decided on the pentax body .now what lens??

brecklundin wrote:

Looked through your DPR gallery...I am supposed to be sleeping but had to finish. You have some really wonderful shots in there. My question is why would you want to change gear? Well, I get it sometimes it just feels right. But you really seem to click with the Nikon gear you have currently.

Still from reading your posts and based on what you like and have now it's not a bad idea to go with the K5IIs mated with the 18-135WR. That gets you in "the club". From there you can decide where the mood takes you.

Don't over think it because there is no "perfect" choice. If you stay in your comfort zone now you will have one less thing to adjust to upfront. The K5IIs is a great deal if you can find it under $700us new with warranty. Even better if you find a kit somewhere with the 18-135WR but don't count on that one happening unless a vendor makes their own "kit".

Best of luck deciding...look forward to seeing what you can do with a Pentax kit.


I dont have ANY gear or lenses last 3 years except sony rx100 pocket rocket lol. Id buy update of d300 on the heartbeat but looks like they never going to make one  and d7100 is quite horrible ergononics wise. D700 was ok but i dont want full frame again any time soon for casual shooting.  So pentax was kinda sensible choice esp with great pricing now...

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