Couple of questions - Sony a6000

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Re: Couple of questions - Sony a6000

ryan92084 wrote:

Slynky wrote:

So, I have a couple of NEX 5N bodies I really like and I'm considering the subject camera but...

(1) Will the camera out-resolve the current lenses I have (and hope to use)? I have the old 18-200, the 16 pancake, and the 50 1.8. I remember reading something (some time back) about how some lenses wouldn't work with phase detect focusing.

Can't help with the resolving but here is the PDAF lens list

Looks like my lenses are listed. I vaguely recall there being a way to upgrade the lenses somehow but I've never needed to so can't recall what's to be done. That would make them work with hybrid focusing (leaving only the issue of lens resolution).

(2) I like the touch screen and not having it worries me. Among other things, I like being able to touch a spot where I know I want to focus and BINGO, I'm set. How does one pick an item to focus on without touch screen. I also make use of DMF and (yellow) peaking for some critical focusing.

The spot is moved by using the top wheel and rear wheel for x/y axis adjustments. DMF and peaking still exist

Thanks. I leave my current NEX 5N bodies set to DMF and use when focusing is critical. That would probably be my favored choice. I'm guessing it's not to hard to spin these dials with the right index finger if one wanted to pursue this approach.

(3) Are there any preliminary images out there yet--I'm sure DPR has their hands full and hasn't had time to put any out yet.

Alin Popescu has the only full English review that I've seen to date. Keep in mind that it is based off a pre production model and has since been proven incorrect about his PDAF in AF-s assumptions

I was just at that informative link--some interesting info. Wish the photos were bigger than 1200 on the long side.

Thanks for your info.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry I can't help more. The a6000 is just about to or already has launched in japan so hopefully we'll start getting more user reports soon.

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