DSLR Image Capture vs Video Recording??

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Re: DSLR Image Capture vs Video Recording??

A camera can use an electronic shutter for both still and video. In this case, the pixels are electronically reset, exposed for a given amount of time, and then read out.

An electronic shutter makes no audible noise, and has no moving parts to wear out.

Alternatively, the camera can use a mechanical shutter. A mechanical shutter is typically more precise in timing. With an electronic shutter -- unless you add extra electronics to the sensor -- the top and bottom are read out at slightly different times, giving a bit of a funny effect. A mechanical shutter also allows the camera to play tricks to reduce image noise. It can, for example, take two shots -- one with the shutter closed, and one open -- and use that to do some calibration.

If you're optimizing for image quality, you therefore go with a mechanical shutter. For video, flipping the shutter 30 or 60 times per second would be impractical. So you go with electronic. It turns out that in video, the quality matters much less than stills too, so it's a good fit.

But there are cameras which use mechanical shutters or video, as well as electronic shutters for stills.

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