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Re: Not exactly accurate...

awaldram wrote:

Yes it occurs with all FW versions.


It also occurs with all K series models so I fail to see the OMG for the K3.

In over 100,000 shutter actuations on the K5-II, at all the same shoots as my two K3 bodies, in all the same shooting environments and conditions, I have not had even one instance with the K5-II. Haven't had one problem at all with the K5-II... it has been extremely stable and reliable.

I did look around the internet as well, and haven't been able to find any reports of it with the K5-II, though we all know it happened with the K-5 (or something extremely similar).

I think it written in the FW to cope with mirror mis sync , Might not even be required fro the K3 (left over from siingle motor K5 series)

If that were true, you would think between all the people I've talked to at Pentax, someone would say or relay the message from Japan to say, "this is normal behavior for coping with mirror sync".

Whilst it is a bit of a disaster if the k5 series does it , It's not the same portent of doom for the K3.

It's an issue of reliability for any camera. If you're shooting for a client, and they depend on you to get the shot, a shot that can't be reproduced, it could absolutely be a "portent of doom" for the camera to suddenly freak out, not take any photos, lock up and go mirror-crazy. Imagine if you're a wedding photographer in the middle of the quiet church, and not only do you miss photos of some big moments, but the camera disrupts the entire ceremony. No, not good at all.

The one situation we know will cause mirror flop that does not come from hardware issues is Voltage brown out.

As all reports of 'failure' have been when the battery is under heavy load I personally am not really concerned about it.

I'm not sure I agree it's always been in circumstances where the battery was under heavy load. 20 minutes after putting a new battery in, or using the AC adapter seem to rule this out.

The users affected may have a different stance and should have it out with their suppliers but I fail to see what concern I should have.

In fairness, if I weren't in a situation where I was depended on to get the photos for a client, I might not be all that concerned either.

As to why the k3 can 'brown out' a full battery where the K5 couldn't look at CIPA shot counts and think dual motors, The K3 is capable of drawing considerably more current than the K5 series and if you have LV, AF-c, video, time lapse etc I can see Battery voltage sagging.

As is the case for the OP her point could be the camera is not fit for purpose , But a suspect the counter would be the cameras purpose is not multiple hour time lapse

But the K5-II is fine for this purpose? That would be a step backwards for the K3.


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