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Re: I Returned the K3

awaldram wrote:

Barry Pearson wrote:

But that still leaves the question: "why does the mirror flip?" Of all the camera's potential reactions to heavy load, that appears to be one of the most unlikely! It doesn't appear to be the case that camera has gone down a normal path in the wrong circumstances. It appears to be an abnormal path that shouldn't even be there!

On the k5 series there is a single motor driving the mirror and shutter.

Now I'm guessing but using my knowledge of video eject/tape load that used single motors.

I'd imagine there is a slipping synced clutch mechanism that keep the sequence mirror up shutter fire in sync.

If this fails the quickest way to rectify is flip the mirror which will reset the clutch/gears.

One of the big causes of missed sync is low voltage (mirror partial lift) and hence why it calls the reset code

Now I agree with you there should be a time out to stop it after x attempts, and also I don't see the the requirement in the k3 (Dual motor).

But I can see the code being 'left over' from the k5 base and causing the issues were seeing today in the k3.

I think that the K5 series uses 2 independent motors, as you can lock-up the mirror. My K-x (and K30 and the followers) uses just one motor, it can't lock-up the mirror and in the LV mode the mirror is flipping with every shutter move (i.e. twice, not only once like in the K5). But I might be wrong.

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