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Re: No pattern we've been able to determine...

Barry Pearson wrote:

RPulley wrote:


Now you can get back to your photography, and the forums can move on past your very long-winded and overly dramatic descriptions of your problem....

On Wednesday, I had what appears to be exactly this problem. I was shooting motor sports in burst mode and suddenly my K-3 started making a noise as thought the mirror was moving up and down as fast as it could. I switched it off, and after a short time it stopped. The I carried on in burst mode.

I've owned nearly all Pentax flagship dSLRs, and this is the first one with any such problem. (I shot over 60,000 DNGs on my K-5IIs last year without problems). I pre-ordered my K-3, so it is an early one, but has not done this before. I was using the battery grip with 2 part-used (that day I shot about 2,500 DNGs) LI-190 batteries that I've been using for some time without problems. I'm using the latest 1.03 firmware (and probably had the Pentax 1.4x Teleconverter on at the time).

This is a real problem. I'll add my name to the thread identifying people who've experienced this problem. It mars an otherwise super camera, because I now have less confidence that I can rely on it. (Fortunately I keep my K-5IIs available as a back-up).

Battery grip and 2 batteries that had been used a lot that day - is this part of the pattern for this problem?

Hi Barry,

Sorry to hear you ran into the issue also. I see you posted it over on the Pentax Forums too, so thanks for that!

Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be much of a pattern. I don't even own the battery grip, and I've had the problem happen within the first hour of putting in a new battery. Some have had the problem with the grip, and one guy even had it with the AC Adapter. None of us with the issue, and me with it repeatedly, haven't been able to narrow down what is causing is.

Hopefully Pentax will be able to!

Good luck, and keep us posted if you have the problem again...


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