K-5, K-3 Auto Bracketing

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Re: K-5, K-3 Auto Bracketing

kmarceau wrote:

That is the work-around. It would just be so much easier to accomplish this with one push of the shutter button instead of firing one series, making an adjustment, then firing the second series. Especially with handheld shots.

You can set the two modes up as two USER Modes. USER Modes capture the bracketing settings as well as the EV compensation setting, so that it is only you changing one setting between shots.

The AA filter bracketing feature that was added via firmware got me thinking about this. That's also a feature that might seem unnecessary since one could achieve the same result by taking a shot with AA filter and then switching the filter off to take the second shot. So much nicer with the AA bracketing though.

I don't think I denied that this want isn't valid, I just posted what I thought would be a good way to accomplish what the OP wanted, with what we have today. The OP did say "Does anybody know how to accomplish this if a firmware upgrade wouldn't do it?" in starting this tread after all.

I see now that Michael Perham already answered the OP's question before I did. Maybe I can get the bonus points for pointing out the use of USER modes to make this easier?

Thank you

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