New pictures with NEX5N -- And question: which lens to buy to improve IQ?

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Re: New pictures with NEX5N -- And question: which lens to buy to improve IQ?

I'd suggest thinking about what you really want to improve. Sometimes we just want to "improve" but don't know in which direction.

If you just want more sharpness, then the Sigma 30mm is a good lens. Cheap and sharp. But, is that the focal distance you work at the most? It is too narrow for landscape.

The SEL50f18 is also a very good lens, but just for portraits. Do you do a lot of portrait?

The first lens I bought to complement my 18-55 was the sigma 30, and its optical quality is very high, but I find that I continue using the 18-55 much more. Why? Because I do photos mainly while travelling, monuments, architecture, landscapes, indoor and so on, and sticking to the 30mm FL is limiting.

I considered getting the Sigma 19, it is sharper than the kit lens but not much bright: 2.8 vs 3.5. I decided not to get it because my photos would look more or less similar to the ones with the kit lens at that focal length.

Think about what makes you be proud of a photo and what makes you remember a photo. In my case, it is composition. Sharpness helps but it is not the crucial factor. Exploring my library, I found that most of mi photos were done at 18mm, so it was clear that what I needed was a wider lens.

So I decided buying the SEL16f28+UWA Converter. This kit really adds to what I had with the 18-55 + Sigma 30mm. The SEL16 has received a lot of criticism saying it is not absolutely sharp as other much more expensive lenses. But this lens, and the UWA converter, really broaden my possibilities and allow me to be much more creative when shooting. And, by the way, it is much more sharp than what my eyes can see without 100% pixel peeping.

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