E-M1, C-AF and Sports photography

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Re: E-M1, C-AF and Sports photography

Brilliant photos, and great shooting tips. I will apply these to my next session of surf photography and see how they work.

I have a few questions:

I notice that the aperture and shutter speeds vary a lot between these pics. Does that mean you shot in manual and changed depending on whether you were panning or not?

Please excuse the silly question – but I’ve wondered this for a while and haven’t found out yet. Is IBIS the same as S-IS? If so, am I right in thinking that you can set the camera so that burst mode automatically switches this off?

Also, did you use C-AF with tracking or just on its own? And what did you set the C-AF lock to? (High, normal etc.)

And final question – does anyone know if you can put all of these settings in a Myset so it’s ready for next time?



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