The Evil that Men Do... (E-M5 docu shots) WARNING

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The Evil that Men Do... (E-M5 docu shots) WARNING

WARNING : included images and link may be distressing for some viewers.


Earlier this week I paid another visit to a haunting WW2 Memorial that I had visited (breathlessly) before, but not yet with a camera in hand.

The Memorial in Fort Breendonk in Belgium (situated halfway between Antwerp and Brussels).

This time I returned with Olympus E-M5, on which for the most part the Oly 12-40mm F2.8 lens was mounted (also the Voigtländer Nokton 17.5mm F0.95, and for a few rare shots outdoors also the slower Oly 40-150mm medium telephoto lens).

I've created an online gallery of 99 impressions here :

(Note that Zenfolio's slideshow option would be an ideal to view at maximum monitor size. I've paid attention to sequencing.)

Be warned : some images there may be more distressing than the samples below, or bring back traumatizing memories, especially for those that have suffered the horrors of World War II.

A short and subjective introduction on the history of the place is included, and also a few links to more historic information and the site's own website (where you can see 360° views).

In my very specific processing, I have tried to create a look that does the place justice.

This was previously discussed here:

So thanks to the usual contributors of that C&C thread for helping me create the final look and for very specific final tweaking decisions (like re-saturating green grass slightly etc.) A very nice example of how useful this C&C thread in our forums can be.

C&C on the gallery is always welcome.

Here are a few sample images from the series (lots more, and bigger, in the gallery):

Guard tower on the perimeter outside the moat of the fort

The kitchen area has an evocation of casualties through official nazi bureaucratic documents.

Evocation of forced labour and additional barracks

Bunks in the cold, damp, dark rooms of the Fort. Stoves were mostly not working. Food was minimal.

The Fort includes a string of vivid evocations of individual stories (photos and audio guide)

Execution area on the chilly and windswept outside of the Fort.

An evocation near the exit, of the final voyage that many camp prisoners went on after departure here.

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lots of images:
my Olympus user field report from Tunisian Sahara:

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