DSLR Image Capture vs Video Recording??

Started Mar 20, 2014 | Questions thread
darklamp Senior Member • Posts: 3,567
Re: DSLR Image Capture vs Video Recording??

The mirror assembly in a DSLR is rated for between 50,000 and 150,000 actuations ( actuation = flipping the mirror ).

If you flipped the mirror for every frame of a movie, a shutter rated for 50,000 actuations would manage about 2000 seconds at 25fps before it broke - that's just 33 minutes !

So using the mirror for video is just not practical - you'd be buying a new camera every day for video.

People tend to forget this when they needlessly apply burst modes to every shot, BTW. If you reel off five shots every time you hit a shutter you're wasting four of them, is my view, and shortening the life of your camera. Use burst mode where it's really needed.

This might help explain why the shutter type is important and why :


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