Camera Munufacturers, please stop...

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Re: Camera Munufacturers, please stop taking...

Ken Croft wrote:

Would my version of a cheap APS-C camera sell to a niche market? Niche markets can be created by high prices; my camera would not be a niche camera, just good value.

The camera you are describing would definitely be sold to a small niche market and given the low price would be unprofitable. What you are asking for is the equivalent of going to the local cable company and asking them to provide you with just the 5 channels of TV you happen to watch, in analog, with none of that pay per view or internet service for a 90% discount.

Most people that want more image quality than a RX100 can provide would also want a high quality lens which would by itself break your proposed budget. And most of them would probably find at least one item on your list of unnecessary features they could not live without. Cameras come loaded with all kinds of features because most people go shopping with a list of must have features and any camera that does not check all the boxes is dropped from consideration.

I would also recommend you take a look at the Sony NEX-3N. I am not sure how much they sell for where you are but in the US they sell for half the price of a RX100.

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