MFT 25mm f/1.4 fails to blur background like Full Frame 50mm lens @ f/2.8

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Re: This is not a test.. it's a waste of time

Lens-corrections do more than you might think with an image. when talking mft, people tend to forget that a 25mm lens is actually a wideangle lens - pretty wide wideangle too, which comes with some severe perspective isues. regardless of the fov multiplier, you can never get away from the fact that a lens of a certain physical mm is a constant.

If that were to be correct you would need almost an impossible amount of perspective corrections on 1/3" sensor at 50mm equivalent. Thats a 6.9mm lens.

With the same distance from the subject, the perspective/distortion is the same for every focal lengt. 25mm, 50mm, 10mm, 100mm. Try taking a picture from the same spot with different focal lenght and crop the wide one, perspective will look the same

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