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Re: Camera Munufacturers, please stop taking...

Ken Croft wrote:

You may be right about the EOS-M despite the dreadful reports about it, and of course there is no review of it on this site because they dare not upset Canon by telling the truth. Even with the 20mm lens the EOS-M is not particularly pocket-able in the way that the Ricoh GR and the Coolpix "A" are pocket-able. But I do not have a price point, I will pay what is necessary. I am not limited by a budget. I just don't like being ripped off, and that is what I believe the manufacturers are doing with the so-called "enthusiast" APS-C cameras. Yes, I do know all about how sales volume and price are related, but I do believe that that the prices are unreasonable. Would my version of a cheap APS-C camera sell to a niche market? Niche markets can be created by high prices; my camera would not be a niche camera, just good value. And sorry if you didn't get the joke, of course no company would sell without a warranty nor would they pack their product in a padded bag. I was trying to make a point about unnecessary expenses.

Ken from the UK now in France

Sorry you feel ripped off. Of course manufacturers are using a different pricing model for 'enthusiast' compacts than they are for, say, entry level DSLRs. Some of us may not like that but since 'enthusiast' compacts are effectively niche products already manufacturers have chosen to apply a greater margin to them. I think this is a trend which will only increase since manufacturers want to further differentiate such cameras from camera phones and a stripped out budget version would not generate enough profit to make them worthwhile. Many of the features would, even if removed, not reduce the price by much in any case. Also I would suggest that products like the Nikon A and Ricoh GR would not sell significantly more even if their price was significantly reduced. The enthusiast market that values such devices is small and the man in the street just isn't interested, at any price.

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