Camera Munufacturers, please stop...

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Re: Camera Munufacturers, please stop taking...

Ken Croft wrote:

If Canikon can sell a complete dslr for £300 then a fair price for my camera would be £100, but let us not be too radical, let’s say £200. At that price it would fly off the shelves and would revive the fortunes of any ailing camera manufacturer.

Ken from the UK now in France

They sell the DSLRs that cheap, because the warehouses are full with unsold stock. Here in Germany you may even get a brand new Nikon D3000 (actual model: D3300) with 18-55 for less than 200€. With the Canon 1000D it's the same. And all successors will be available in the same shops. With Mirrorless it's mostly the same. If APS-C is a must, look for a Canon EOS-M, an old Sony NEX or a Samsung NX with a pancake 16, 20, 22 or 30mm and you may get a compact kit dead cheap new. If it has to be small, I would go for the Canon or one of the tiny Sony NEX.

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