Camera Munufacturers, please stop...

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Re: Camera Munufacturers, please stop taking....

Ken Croft wrote:

All I want is a plastic box with a fixed prime lens and a 3" screen on the outside and an APS-C imager on the inside. How difficult can that be?

If Canikon can sell a complete dslr for £300 then a fair price for my camera would be £100, but let us not be too radical, let’s say £200. At that price it would fly off the shelves and would revive the fortunes of any ailing camera manufacturer.

There's the Canon G1 X. It has a much larger sensor than most compacts (larger than Micro Four-Thirds sensors, though not quite as large as APS-C ones).

It is selling for about £375 to £475 new. I know, double what you want to pay, but I believe that the idea is to make money on each sale – not lose money on each sale and "make it up in volume".

There's also going to be a Canon G1 X Mark II – faster lens, but significantly more expensive.

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