I Returned the K3

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Re: I Returned the K3

merengues wrote:


What's your problem? I think most of the Pentax users are grateful for the efforts made by Amy.



I think you could figure it out by re-reading what I wrote...

Also, this isn't the "Everyone has to agree with what most users think Pentax forums" and I guess I did not get the notice that you were the appointed spokesperson for "most Pentax users" either.

Notice that I refrained from commenting before she started THIS thread even though my thoughts on the matter haven't changed since she started posting her dramatic series on the problem with her K3.

Regardless, the OP already made it clear in one of her other 10,000 word posts that she was going to get a K5II to replace the K3, but now we need yet another long-winded thread about returning the K3 for the K5II?

Her other other thread had not topped out, so why start yet another thread to tell everyone she has done what she said she was going to do?

What purpose could THIS thread be to "most" Pentax users?

Facebook syndrome.


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