Sold my 5DMkII and ordered the 6D, was it the right decision? What do you mean?

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some answers

torppapa wrote:

I've just sold my 5D Mk II getting a little bit old and I decided to "upgrade" to the 6D.

I'm not a pro photographer so I wasn't really interested in the 5D Mk III.

I was generally very satisfied with the 5D2 image quality (till ISO 3200) however I had also some issues with it.

Erratic (center point) autofocus in bad (artificial) light with big aperture lenses (f1.4-f2.0) - will the 6d do better?

Don't know. The 5D3 might have been the bigger upgrade in this regard.

I was not completely satisfied with ISO 6400 and above - I'm not sure, if the 6D will be a big leap forward. What do you mean?

a little bit better

Lifting shadows resulted in blotchy (purple and green) areas (see pic below) - Can I lift the shadows of the 6D better than those of the 5D?

yeah a bit, 6D is about as good as Canon gets for that, it's still a good two stops behind Exmor sensors though, so don't expect it to pull shadows like your Nikons

The 5D2 was too big for me to haul around the whole day. Canon advertises the 6D as a travel camera, I hope it will fit better for that purpose.

At the moment I'm still unsure if I should keep the 6D, since I'm really happy with my D7100 except high ISO.

Here is an example of lifted shadows (the pics are a crop from the shadow area, now the whole image): 5D2 on left and D7100 on the right: for better experience click full size view.

I think the D7100 shadows do better when are lifted.

Both images where developed with LR. (I hope the 6D will do better than the 5D2)

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