decided on the pentax body .now what lens??

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Re: decided on the pentax body .now what lens??

I just got a new Pentax 18-135 so I shot a series of photos on my K3 to compare it to my Sigma 18-200 and Pentax 18-270.

As one should expect, the more zoom range, the less resolution you get.   18-135 is the best lens of the three.

I also find that the 18-135 focuses faster than the 18-200 and 18-270.  No hunting, camera just finds focus in a few steps)

I also compared my new 18-135 to a Nikon 18-140 on a D7100 and Sony 18-135 on an A65.  (apertures as wide as they can go at each focal length I tested from zoomed in to zoomed out, all 24 MP APS-C sensors.)

Overall the image quality of the Pentax 18-135 was very similar to the Nikon 18-140.    The Sony 18-135 was a bit better than those two.

It is nice the Sony and Pentax correct chromatic aberration and distortion for their lenses.   The Nikon D7100 does not correct distortion, only chromatic aberration.

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