decided on the pentax body .now what lens??

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Re: decided on the pentax body .now what lens??

akjos wrote:

Thanks to all for opinions in my previous post . Quite awesome price on k5iis (600$ cheaper then k3) now is pushing me towards that. The price difference is too much to pass the deal up.
Im debating now what lens to get first ? ( im sure GAS will kick in sooner or later lol ...)

So the first thing you need to learn is around in Pentax land its called LBA which is short for Lens Buyers Anonymous Seriously no one uses GAS around here

I kinda have my mind set on 18-135 wr. I like the fact its sealed making it great all around combo with pentax body.
Anyone here uses 18-135? And if so please report...
I found one on ebay for 399 new from authorized pentax dealer with usa warranty...

I quite like it as it is WR and has a decent range to it. That said I rarely zoom to 135mm. I'm eagerly awaiting the new wide angle lens that will be WR, although details and release date are unknown.

IMO its better than the 18-55 WR lens that comes as a kit.

I by far dont have time and opportunities to shoot as mucb as i used to but every time i do i miss" real" camera. So price of k5iis is much easier to swallow then 600 more for k3.

Or should i get new sigma 17-70 2.8-4?? Ppl say its pretty great but its nice to have one all around lens that has little longer reach without being too long like 18-250 etc...

Depends if the weather sealing means as much as the lens and or range. Plenty of options in the 16/17/18-whatever zoom range.

Single long range zooms are always optically not as good as a shorter range zoom or a prime lens.

I had couple sigmas for nikon in the past and was never happy with them but lately sigma is probably getting better with quality control ( from what i heard)

Sigma is fine. I only have their 8-16, because they produce a cooler colour cast than the Pentax I'm not as huge a fan of them. Many here use their longer lenses though which is where the value is.  In most cases the Sigma lenses are fine.

Btw i loved 18-105 VR on my dx nikons prob my most used lens for about i think 18-135 could serve me well

Sounds like it.

If im happy overall esp with body and pentax in general ill think about some fast lenses like limited or 1.4 sigmas later.
Thanks again

Don't get confused about faster lenses always being better.  They generally are, but many f4 zooms are just as good.  Unless you need to shoot a lens wide open because of fast movement especially indoor sports or shallow DOF for portraits etc, often there is no need to have a fast lens, because high ISO on todays cameras is pretty good.

That said the limited series of lenses are fantastic, not always super fast but usually really nice lenses with really nice rendering.

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