Did Nikon break my D600??? Only focuses in Live View now

Started Mar 21, 2014 | Discussions thread
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kewlpack New Member • Posts: 9
Did Nikon break my D600??? Only focuses in Live View now

Hey guys - hoping someone can help me with a fix...

I just got my D600 back from Nikon Repair for the dust/oil recall fix. I popped on a lens, fired it up and the AF won't work - regardless of AF mode or setting - when I try using the shutter button. I also checked all the switches and flipped them a couple of times, just in case something was "stuck"... nadda.

So I did a full reset on all the settings (which had been reset by the factory anyway) and re-seated the lens. Still nothing. I set the custom setting to have the AF-ON with the AELock button on the back. Still nothing.

NOTE: I am able to take shots - but focusing is dead as dead can be...

As a last resort, I turned on Live View and tried focusing... bingo. The AF-ON button and/or shutter both work to trigger the AF to lock on and take the shot. No problem. It appears that Nikon Repair screwed up the focusing somehow with the normal AF mechanism, but left the Live View AF in tact (which uses a different system for AF as I understand it).

Is there any other suggestion you guys have, or "Oh yeah - this is how you reset the AF after the factory messes it up" kinda trick?

Or am I going to have to holler at Nikon and have them fix the camera again?

Glad I bought a D800 last week so I can keep working.

Please advise. Appreciate the input.

Nikon D600 Nikon D800
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