I hate the X100s

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Re: I hate the X100s

Its not as simple as building a new lens.

They would need to build a new body as well.

Leaf shutter lenses require a body that has a central shutter.

The Leica S series is the only camera I know that has a duo shutter system for both regular lenses and leaf shutter lenses.


If you have a ton of money - the S and their lenses are available today.

Conrad567 wrote:

Because of that camera, I know that FUJI will NEVER make an interchangeable lens with a built in "leaf" style shutter. I would love to be able to Sync to 1/500 or even 1/1000 of a second with my X-Trans cameras, and I would pay a ton for a Portrait and Wide angle lens that could do it on my X-T1. This would cause a SERIOUS stir in the "DSLR" market in my opinion.


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